Transforming Healthcare
through Data Innovation

General Genomics, Inc. is a predictive analytics company specializing in the creation of Clinical Neural Networks (CNNs) for bioinformatics to make healthcare precise and individualized.

Unravelling Complex Health Risks and Rising Costs

In today’s rapidly changing healthcare landscape, healthcare professionals struggle to harness the power of data and turn it into actionable insights. Assessing patient risks, predicting future challenges, and providing tailored treatments requires an integrated approach and in-depth analysis of complex health data.
Transform Patient Care
Unlock Predictive Insights
Enhance Decision Making

Better Data Means More Efficient Outcomes for All

In traditional healthcare, providers and individuals have difficulty making fully informed medical decisions and health-related financial choices based upon individualized risks. This causes concerns about making the most appropriate decisions about treatments, lifestyle and overall patient care.

Your Trusted Companion in Health Analytics

At General Genomics, we understand the complexities of modern healthcare and are dedicated to bridging the gaps in data-driven decision-making. With our extensive expertise in genomics and machine learning, we’re your strategic partner for more informed healthcare decisions.

The Unified Platform for Health Data

The Curo46TM unified health data platform integrates extensive global health data with Electronic Medical Records (EMR), HIPAA compliant API’s and other massively distributed data sets to provide medical professionals a customized healthcare analytics platform. Powered by machine learning, Curo46TM decreases hospital re-admissions, streamlines patient care, reduces costs, improves overall outcomes and more. With its modular architecture, Curo46TM is a fully integrated customized solution for healthcare organizations, perfectly matched to current and future needs.

Anticipate Risk

Utilizing individual diagnostics data, Curo46TM models can predict an individual’s imminent health risk

Get Insights

Curo46TM models augment traditional imaging to create digital twins of individuals. This allows for more precision in predicting a wide range of health risks.

Actionable Data

Curo46TM models give meaning to all of your data trapped in disparate systems.

Reduce Re-admission

Curo46TM models predict whether a patient will return to hospital resulting in better patient outcomes and significant savings for all healthcare stakeholders..

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Improve Healthcare Outcomes

Experience data-driven cost saving innovations and revolutionize patient care.

I believe that Curo46TM is critical in providing viable applications of machine learning/ artificial intelligence for the healthcare industry and will be the building block for targeted individualized patient treatment programs that will provide better treatment outcomes, improve patient health, and reduce healthcare costs.
Dr. Craig Shimasaki
C.E.O. Moleculera
Curo46TM provides an essential and significant leap in technology and understanding of individualized health.
Dr. Robert Frantz

Data Insights to Drive the Future of Healthcare