DNA Empowered Healthcare

Improving patient outcomes with next-generation
A.I. powered medicine.

Imagine having the tools to not only predict but to proactively target individualized patient risks.

Early detection means better outcomes for everyone.

In traditional healthcare, providers and individuals have difficulty making fully informed health and health-related financial decisions based upon individualized risks. This causes concerns about making the most appropriate decisions about treatments, lifestyle, and overall patient care.


People are 99.9% the same.

The Curo46 system utilizes health history and genetics with our proprietary artificial intelligence to understand individuals’ risk for disease, illness, or treatment side effects. Our unique algorithms analyze millions of variables across millions of records identifying complex relationships and meaningful patterns. The Curo46 system is designed to determine risks of specific illnesses with 80% accuracy (based on current models).


By focusing on the patient, the Curo46 System is able to accurately predict risks such as “Return To Hospital” and other significant risks.

Specific and Targeted

Identification of targeted individual risks provides data for improved patient health/treatment strategies.

Lower Costs!

New insights into illnesses and treatments. Reduced time for treatment analysis. Reduced overall health-care costs

Correlations & Influencing Factors
Discover individualized health influences (supplements, diet, cause/effect) that impact health, providing preventative measures for disease and illness
Risk Assessments
Individualized risk reports for different illnesses and severity of symptoms.
Treatment Success Evaluations
Determine the individual potential for side effects and the likelihood of success for different treatment strategies.
Predicting Mortality
More accurately determine and individualize health issues with correlations for potential life expectancy.

Insurance Industries



Individual Assesments

Area of Focus

Healthcare Providers

Predictive algorithms for hospitals, long-term care facilities, and more. Used to improve care responsiveness and improve operational decisions around patients that are “at-risk” — including risk of returning to a hospital for LTCs, a $20 billion annual cost.

Medical & Health Research

Aiding medical research facilities to gain more significant insights into their data using our ML/AI algorithms and extensive medical database.

Personal Electronic Medical Records. (PEMR)

An anonymized health and medical history repository allows individuals control over their own health, medical, and genetic information.

Symptom Tracker

Easy to use interface developed for both Individuals and healthcare providers to track symptoms as they occur, providing professinals and our algorithms more accurate information then has previously been available.

Looking Towards the Future

Universal Electronic Medical Records. (UEMR)

Individuals, Professionals and Institutions can seemlessly share and exchange medical and health history.

5D Imaging

Conventional radiology display uses grayscale 2D slices or 3D with no transparency. Our ground-breaking Curo5D technology uses ray casting with transparency and image density .


AJ Rosenthal


B.S., Nuclear Engineering Technologies, MBA, Finance; US Navy Nuclear Engineer; A corporate career in science and sales for energy industry

Warren Gieck

SVP, Engineering & Product Development

B.S., Engineering and A.I. Expert Led AI-driven digital transformations at global leaders GE and B. Hughes. Robotics and industrial automation expert – built GE’s Adaptix

Caleb Stuart

SVP, General Counsel, and Secretary

B.S. & J.D. Owner of the Stuart Law Firm US Marine Corps Commercial litigation specialty

Shelley Klinger

VP Stakeholder Relations

USN Veteran with 30+ years in healthcare marketing and energy industry development. Raised in New Iberia, LA. Oklahoma based since in 2004

Musheer Kakish

Business Development

Sales and Marketing over 20+ years. No problem too hard, big picture driven, outside the box solutions preferred, and a customer relations whisperer.

Nick Noik

Talent Acquisition

10+ years experience in talent acquisition across multiple industries. Specialties in corporate development and small business development.

Jeffrey E. Rothchild

Chief Marketing Officer

25+years in marketing Collaborates with leading brands Born-and-raised New Yorker Lived in Park City, UT since 2002

Sarah Sweis

Digital and Social Media Marketer

10 years of international experience creating, developing, and implementing online and social media strategies. She has a BS. in Business from Indiana University and speaks 3 languages.

Riley Munro

Senior Developer – Backend and ML

Riley got his start in technology around the age of 11. Starting with a book on programming video games, and he’s been hooked ever since.

Trent Gillham

Full Stack & ML/AI Genius

Immersed in various industries implementing machine learning and software frameworks. Formed a meta understanding of how to apply solutions across industries

Rachel Schuck

UX and UI Design

From creating illustrations of biology notes to designing interfaces for user management applications, visual design has inspired every aspect of Rachel’s journey through education and life.

Robert Frantz, MD, FACEP

Medical Advisory Board Member

The Group President of the West Group in TeamHealth oversees 4,000 doctors, PAs and Nurse Practitioners.  He is a dual graduate of the Oklahoma College of Medicine and Yale, New Haven Emergency Medicine Residency program.

Sabita Persaud, PhD HS

Medical Advisory Board Member

Associate Dean at Notre Dame of Maryland University.  American Nurses Association, & American Association of Colleges of Nursing Diversity Network.

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