About Us

Mission / Vision

We are a Service-Disabled Veteran Owned business founded on the principle of harnessing data to heal the world. Our founders and executive team have a combined 75+ years of experience as industry leaders in artificial intelligence, machine learning and genomics.

Our flagship application, Curo46TM is a personalized medicine SaaS platform that integrates extensive global health data with Electronic Medical Records (EMR), HIPAA compliant API’s and others. Curo46TM provides predictive health risk management that decreases hospital readmissions, streamlines patient care, reduces costs and improves overall outcomes. We have assembled a world-class medical advisory board comprised of esteemed physicians and other healthcare leaders.

What do we do?

We create

  • Structure for unstructured data
  • Data curation for cluster formation to enable AI & Machine Learning
  • CNN’s at scale to enable precision healthcare/medicine

Why do we do it?

We help physicians and healthcare professionals to

  • Perceive disease before/after it occurs
  • Speed up decision making by aiding in treatment choices
  • Make pattern recognition easier to see over time (longitudinally)
  • Make medicine precise and individualized
  • Data curation for cluster formation to enable AI & Machine Learning
  • CNN’s at scale to enable precision healthcare/medicine

A fully integrated, customized solution for healthcare.

Government & Military Agencies Value Proposition

  • Data lakes (merge files, EMR records, data fabric)
  • Dispersion models
  • Re-admission risk analysis for hospitals (military and civilian)
  • Actionable alerts for disease risks
  • Anomaly detection, symptom tracking, and depression tracking

Healthcare Providers, Payers, Pharma/ Diagnostics Value Proposition

  • Heart disease prediction based on biomarkers, imaging & genetic information
  • Personalized treatment plans
  • Biomarkers discovery (machine learning helps identify new biomarkers for diseases crucial for diagnosis and monitoring treatments)
  • Predictive analytics for patient care (i.e. predict adverse events like falls, infections/sepsis, or health deterioration)
  • Operational efficiency – AI optimizes scheduling for staff & resource allocation
General Genomics

AJ Rosenthal


President & CEO

AJ brings over twenty years of experience in engineering and business development to General Genomics. He is a multi-disciplinary product innovator and entrepreneur, with a track record of successfully bringing new products to a global market.

He is a decorated combat veteran who served as a Navy Nuclear Engineer for eight years, with multiple wartime tours in the Persian Gulf. He holds a BS in Nuclear Engineering Technologies, an MBA in Finance, and a Graduate Certificate in Leadership.

AJ Rosenthal


Warren Gieck

CTO Engineering & Product Development

Subhayan (Suby) Guha Thakurta

VP Engineering & Product Development

Shelley Klinger

VP Stakeholder Relations

Musheer Kakish

Business Development

Nick Noik

Talent Acquisition

Jeffrey E. Rothchild

Chief Marketing Officer

Sarah Sweis

Digital and Social Media Marketing